“Thanks! I Needed That!” - Isaiah 6:1–8

I love watching children undertake a new task. The excitement they draw from, the over energised enthusiasm, the hectic pace, all combine to attack a task often before thinking it through. You tell them we’re going for a drive and a walk-up to the top of a hill, and no sooner does the car stop then they’re out, bolting up the path. Inevitably the adults catch up to them along the track as they are puffed, catching their breath and complaining that it’s too far. They’re thirsty, and bored, and looking for the next bit of excitement.

Christians are just the same. There is an enthusiasm for something new, something different, something that energises, and people rush into it. But when they see there is more to it than they thought, when there is the mundane and repetitive nature of the task, when they begin to flounder and struggle, it all becomes too hard and they walk away or become passive followers. We quickly forget the emotional ride of Easter, or the warm fuzziness of Christmas, when the everyday grind of being a disciple kicks in. We occasionally have a festival or two, such as Pentecost or Trinity, to re-inject some life, but by and large we just cruise.

King Uzziah was one of the better kings, until he profaned the temple, becoming a leper outcast until his death. Under him Judah had relative peace and security. When Uzziah died, Isaiah was in the temple witnessing God in his eternal throne. He is awestruck yet realises how unworthy he was to be there. God reaches down and forgives him making him clean, before asking who will go and speak on His behalf. God needed to prepare Judah, to speak into their lives, to draw them back to Him with energy and enthusiasm for the wonders He alone offers. But He needed a spokesperson, and so Isaiah, with renewed energy, steps up and says “send me.”

The one thing we know for certain about the Trinity is that God is always looking beyond himself. The Father sends the Son, and they together send the Spirit, and together they send us. God doesn’t send us without first making us ready to be sent. That’s why we encourage daily prayer, Bible reading, and regular worship, is so we can be sent prepared to be messengers of hope and grace to the world. Knowing who we are, yet unworthily we find in Jesus the Father’s unconditional grace and love which empowers us by the Spirit to say, “Lord send me.” Too often we become complacent, passive, and go through the motions. We regular reminders of what God does for us, and what He can do for others through us.

The Trinity is a sending relationship, calling us to pause for a moment and get our relationship right, forgiven, healed, restored, so we can go into the world as God’s messengers of hope. There is an out ward focus within the Trinity, that calls us to have an outward focus. We don’t exist for our sake, but for the sake of a world that is yet to know the wonder of everything God has done for them. When God asks, “whom shall we send”, His desire is that we will say “Lord send me”.