Growing in Confidence in Your Faith

Faithfulness builds confidence builds endurance

During the past week I encouraged you to begin reading Mark’s Gospel. Hopefully you have now read through that Gospel at least once. It would be fantastic if you have done it more than once, so this week, do it all again.

· Monday – jot down in a notebook everything you can remember about the story of Jesus, try and get them in some sequence of events.

· Tuesday – read Mark 1-4

· Wednesday – read Mark 5-8

· Thursday – read Mark 9-12

· Friday – read Mark 13-16

Continue to do this every week in February. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to interact with others for a coffee ‘n’ chat, as you try and work out what you remember about Jesus’ story. Continue to encourage each other to persist in reading and re-reading Mark’s Gospel.

As you continue this journey, I’d like you to consider what Mark is trying to say about Jesus. He begins with the line “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” This is a bold claim. Imagine if someone came on national TV and said they were the “Son of God.” You’d think they were insane or delusional and should be locked away, so they don’t harm society. Alternatively, you make think them to be a liar, someone who is trying to deceive you into believing something that is clearly false. But then again, perhaps they are telling the truth. That’s the question Mark is posing – is Jesus insane, a liar or telling the truth? Why not explore that with a friend who’s reading Mark with you this week.