Living in Australia

Living in Australia

It’s fascinating to watch the debate around whether we should or should not have Australia Day on 26th January. Historically it is the day Captain Phillip arrived in Australia and began the first British colony of convicts and their overseers. There are some that see this as a day of intrusion, or invasion. They claim that the land belonged to the Aboriginal occupiers, who themselves migrated across ancient land bridges and progressively occupied a foreign land. I find that strange for the truth is the land on which we live is not owned by any of us, whether that be aboriginal, European, or recent migrants, but is a gift from the Creator who made it.

We are in danger of losing perspective on being Australian when we get caught up in emotionally charged debates that forget the true origin of the country. We are all foreigners in some way, just some have been here longer than others. Rather than getting caught up in such debates, perhaps we should be better focussed on thanking God for being able to live in a country, that for the present time, allows us to practice our faith unhindered.

Here are some things I think worth considering as we live in this vast land affected by floods and drought.

  • Rejoice in what God has given us in Australia

  • Rejoice in what God has given us to share in Australia

  • Seek to engage with and understand the cultures from which people come

  • Pray for our government and community leaders, our emergency and police services, and our defence forces

  • Pray for peace and harmony within our country

  • Pray for those doing it tough, farmers in drought, the poor and homeless, people who are bullied or mistreated, the social excluded

  • Pray that the church may find its voice again and the Gospel message spoken in new ways to Australia.

We live in a wonderful country. As Christians we have the joy of thanking our Creator for this land and asking him to bless us and all people. It doesn’t matter when we celebrate Australia day because every day should be a day and Australia day enveloped in prayer, thanksgiving, and hope.

Pray for our leaders, and our nation