Introducing Theological Practice

What is Practical Theology?

Practical theology takes seriously our everyday shared experiences of the Christian faith and invites them into a conversation with our theological understandings. It affirms that our faith experiences and the way we express our Christian life actually transforms our theology, just as theology transforms our experiences and guides our Christian journey. It attempts to reclaim theology affirming that is not a theoretical endeavour reserved for the intellectually elite, but operates in the context of the everyday normality of life as the church seeks ways to be God’s people in the world where God has placed them. 

Practical Theology invites the theological tradition to engage in conversation with how our faith communities express this theology in practice.  It asserts that all theology is fundamentally practical, and emerges out of a past, which is expressed in the present and shapes the future.  It calls the church to be honest in their expression of faith in the culture, context and community in which they live.